We create our own future.

We, FoundingBase, is a company that weaving alternative stories for young generations who try to make new value toward local town with local government.


We first started our project aiming to solve social problems from very local place in Japan. However, as our projects are going on, we gradually think the problems may be come not from broad perspective, but people’s own mindsets.

What matters is regardless of how big the “problem” is or which class you belong in the community, whether it is between your friends, towns, or countries, we must focus on what we consider as a problem and act to solve it, make progress by inviting the others to join you. If we have more people who can act so then I believe that the community will be more active and lively that before we notice those problems will be gone.


It is each member’s action that creates and forms the value of its own town. I believe that any community regardless of its size can change according to the people who forms it. We are starting to make this chain of changes from local places having a lot of potential.


By maximizing individual potential, we maximize the community’s potential

Community(=society) is a group of individual. City, country, world, they are all communities that are expressed differently through its size and depth. We believe that what matters in the end when you try to make the community better is “changes we can make as individuals”. We believe that it is not by trying to change the community itself but by maximizing individual’s value that leads us to see the change in community.


We have a new logo in 2018. It has three meanings.


live with full of ROCK.

Takashi Sasaki(Joint Representative・Left)

That moment where you are seeing your favorite band’s concert, you see the vocal covered in sweat shouting things that absolutely does not make sense, but still you are moved. Or that moment you stand before the scenery that no human can create, so fascinated you cannot find any words to describe your feelings and getting goosebumps. I believe that everyone has such an experience of being moved like that.


I think to myself when do I get truly moved by any event, when or how, then recognize that surprisingly those moments exist in my daily life. When one of the members of FoundingBase program succeeds in his/her project, or when he/she had her faults pointed out and working so hard to brush up their output. Or maybe when each member of our team is struggling to do their best in their own positions, or members facing themselves and coming to me sharing the experience of being able to putting his something as “belief” into the words. Many of these touching, moving experiences exists in this team of FoundingBase.


We are no organization that can come up with any cool output. We will be covered in mud but still keep going, taking one step at a time, that’s where that person’s “faith” exisits, and others get influenced by their faith and join the movement.


I came to think these days that that is what makes FoundingBase special. We will fully commit in having fun, or cry over the failure. We will face the issue with a resolution, and face the result. Lastly we will sincerely communicate and take in everything.


It is not the organization FoundingBase that creates this culture but each individual that by coincidence respects this attitude, and forms the FoundingBase, ending up becoming our culture. I wish to create future that such organization as us FoundingBase can innovate.

”I” create our ideal future.

Kenji Hayashi(Joint Representative・Right)

It was in Februrary of 2014 that FoudingBase equitized but our project started back in April of 2012. We launched FoundingBase for the purpose of changing something in preparing for the coming dark times we expect of Japan’s society. Society is at the big crossroads. An era when nations or companies took care of the individuals already came to an end and we cannot expect any economic growth as asset-inflated bubble economy for our society is now mature. What should the younger generation’s goal be living in this specific time? I believe the important this is to “head to your own answer”. Society we live in is where “you create your ideal future by your hands”. I believe that individual’s effort brings innovation to the community and in the end whole society reborns to something new. FoundBase aims to develop attractive activities from local places and expand the influence to whole Japan. I would like to do my best as one of the members participating this activities.


Trading Name FoundingBase Inc.

Head Office (Tokyo)


Takato Residence Ueno Sakuragi B1

1-14-21, Ueno Sakuragi, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Tsuwano Office


453-1, Ushro-taguchi, Tsuwano-cho, Shimane

Bungo Takada Office


2472-2, Takada, Bungotakada-shi, Oita

Date of Foundation Feb 28, 2014
Capital ¥6,000,000
Board Members Joint Representive
Takashi Sasaki(Left), Kenji Hayashi(Right)
Number of Employees 11
Clients Tsuwano-cho, Shimane
Kibichuo-cho, Okayama
Nishiwaga-cho, Iwate
Shimanto-cho, Kochi
Bungotakada-shi, Oita
Wake-cho, Okayama
Ota-shi, Shimane
Obuse-cho, Nagano
Kunimi-chi, Fukushima
Tottori Pref.